Making Enterprise-level business solutions accessible to SMB’s

Why Us

We are passionate about assisting SMB’s in navigating the incredibly fast-changing digital and technological landscape that every business operates in today and our team has the talent and experience to deliver.

We are Google partners with accreditations in both Ads and G-Suite, and with over 90% of searches conducted via Google, that's important. We are home to an exceptional team of business analysts, developers, certified digital marketing specialists, economists, psychologists, data scientists and administrators that allows us to provide scalable solutions that exceed expectations.

We are one of a handful of Australian UiPath partners - the leading robotic process automation platform in the world - and have dedicated RPA developers who are certified in UiPath. In addition, we have been working with the Podio workflow platform for over 10 years and have automated literally hundreds of thousands of hours across our clients’ businesses using Podio in that time. What our dedicated team of Podio developers don't know about the platform isn't worth knowing.

The pace of technological change is increasing and the risk of disruption is enormous. Let us help you disrupt your industry and avoid being the disrupted.

Who We Are

Ben Carter

I founded the business back in 2010 as a one-man band developing ad-hoc websites for clients I would come across in my “real” job and who recognised this new form of content delivery was important for their growth. After growing the business to a point that it became my full-time job (just!), I set about growing the business in a way that didn’t come with pain!

A key to that plan was recognising the benefits of adopting an offshore strategy to provide the business with the requisite talent, hard to come by onshore, and at a price that allowed the business to invest in growth. I started working with the beautiful people of Balanga (provincial Philippines) in 2011 and have never looked back. From day one I have focussed on ensuring the business is optimised through efficient digital workflow solutions to avoid the traditional challenges of scaling.

I am a slave to productivity and believe that Yoonet can’t offer solutions to others if we have not thoroughly implemented them in our own business first. Every solution we offer is tried and tested in our business, every day. There are plenty of technology and productivity tools that didn’t make the cut over our journey I can assure you! The solutions that did make the cut are mature in our business. We offer these to our clients supported by experts with years of experience in their implementation and use.

I am a partially-reformed Graphic Designer! My skills are in assisting our clients in improving their digital marketing presence, optimising the way they handle their client-side communication and interaction, and educating them on how to leverage the global resources, both the technology and talent, that are available to them no matter their size.

Gavin Hodges

I used to run around the soccer field with Ben back in under 8’s, I ran, he tended to wander rather aimlessly - sports just not his thing! From that point, our careers diverged pretty markedly but starting from an initial conversation in 2016 I finally joined the Yoonet team in 2018. My role is to assist in bringing more of the business process improvement and automation solutions to our clients whilst ensuring Yoonet is ready for the next evolution of the Business.

Prior to joining Yoonet, I was a Director of a large diversified civil, commercial and property development business for over a decade. The business grew to employ over 120 staff and turnover in excess of $50M annually. Whilst a largely enjoyable journey, my passion was always business innovation and finding ways to improve the efficiency of business operation generally. My experience in developing an offshore shared services office for my previous business exposed me to the benefits of adopting an alternative approach to amplify business growth. From there joining Ben’s established team to develop new services and introduce more SMB’s to a new way of working was the logical next step in my business journey.

My skills lie in understanding the multi-faceted nature of businesses operations at scale and the unique challenges that are faced by business in attempting to grow whilst managing the inevitable cost escalation in the Australian context. I have a strong financial background gained through hands-on business experience and understand the increasing needs of businesses to systemise the way in which they operate to firstly remain profitable and secondary to grow. I have a particular interest in identifying ways of offering the benefits of enterprise-level solutions to SMB’s, particularly in the burgeoning Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI space.

Ben Carter, the owner of Yoonet PTY Ltd