Keep the farm calm

Keeping hackers and digital inaccuracies at bay since Kevin 07


Our Webmastering services ensure your site remains safe and secure. Through the active monitoring of the technology that sits behind the scenes of your website, you're rest assured that your site is safe, technically optimised and available to your customers.


Website Backups

Our servers create automated backups of your site daily. For increased redundancy, we manually create a backup each month and save it to independent cloud servers for complete peace of mind.

Moving gear chain

Google Technical Services

Maintaining connections between your site and Google's technical products is imperative. As Algorithms change and updates are applied, errors can occur. We identify issues and our developers can assist in correcting these at affordable rates.

As secured as Turtle's hard-back shell

Website Security Hardening

The internet is full on bad guys, mean bots and things that get out of bed to do nothing more than to mess with your day. By setting and maintaining a complex set of security related processes, we maintain enterprise level security to all our customers.

Business shops

Google My Business

Google My Business is an integral part of any businesses online presence. Ensuring it’s accurate, professionally presented and secure increases your brands exposure and delivers a great experience for your customers.

Building blocks

Joomla, Components and Plug‑ins

The websites we build and manage use a software stack, a group of related digital tools, that requires ongoing maintenance. Keeping these tools up to date ensures your website is optimised and running efficiently.


Form Testing

Each month, we manually test the contact forms on your website to ensure they are working perfectly. This makes sure your customer enquiries are making their way to you and you never miss a sale.

Protective helmet

RS Firewall Maintenance

If you’ve ever been a victim of a website hack, you will appreciate the many enterprise level solutions for website security we implement. RS Firewall has been an industry leader in this space for over a decade and we deploy it for all our Managed Services customers.

Eyes wide open for selected countries

International IP Restriction

Having your website open to the entire world is not always the best approach. We work with you to understand what countries you would like your site to be visible from and we block the rest. This stops hackers, bots and dirty traffic data from getting in the way of a great experience for your customers.

Content Mastering

Our request platform makes updating your website easy and removes the requirement for you to have any technical knowledge of the back end of your site. Our experts implement any content changes meaning your site remains optimised and current in both design and content.

Website Content Requests

Provide your content changes via our online request platform and our team of experts execute for you and keep you up to date with their progress.

Post a blog, Change an image, Add an employee, Add a service and Create a new page (added cost) requests

Google Workspace

(formerly known as G Suite)

We are Google Partners. Delegate the management of your Google Workspace environment to us and enjoy hands off email management across your enterprise.

Delete and existing user, Add a new email, Create alias, Create a new email signature, Migrate and inbox to G-Suite (added cost) services

Business Information Management

Update your important business details in one location and have them propagated to all of your digital assets. No inconsistency and nothing is missed. Our online platform makes it easy to manage.

Operating hours, Public holiday status, Physical address, Postal address, Primary contact, Primary phone number, Accounts contact and After hours contact management
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Weston Kitchens and Bathrooms
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