Business, Technology And
Automation Consultancy

We help clients understand what technology may assist them in improving their business outcomes and how automation can improve their operational efficiency.

Business Process Outsourcing And Offshoring

Our experience in managing a largely offshored business gives us unique insight into the challenges and opportunities that an offshore strategy can deliver to SMB’s. We help SMB’s understand the upside of an offshore approach, how to mitigate the risks and build a long term strategy that reduces the cost associated with growth. Having dedicated staff in your business builds your internal capacity without the traditional increase in cost.

Outsourcing is essentially packaging certain business processes into a service and having that service performed by an external provider. Think of it as a managed service for your internal processes, a provider (in this case, us) execute your business process and deliver your desired output without the need for internal resources to execute. Some of the services Yoonet have provided include, but not limited to, quote preparation, lead management and opportunity triaging, general administration and basic bookkeeping services.

Our core suite of services include G-Suite management, SEO, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Graphic Design and attended Bot management. Our consulting service helps identify opportunities in your business to outsource business processes to a team of highly experienced professionals and, like offshoring, reduce the cost of your growth and improve your business outcomes.

Business Process Improvement

Understanding the business outcomes required of an organisation and the current state of the business process used to deliver the outcomes is the key to identifying opportunities for improvement. We assist clients by mapping existing process, identifying ways in which the processes may be improved, and recommending technology and talent solutions that ultimately deliver the business outcomes more efficiently and effectively.

Business Technology Consulting

Technology has the opportunity to fundamentally improve not just the outcomes for your business but also reduce the quantity and complexity of the inputs required to achieve that outcome. The challenge lies in the sheer volume of tech options available in the marketplace.

We assist clients by acting as technology “concierge”, cutting through the clutter to arrive at solutions that will deliver the identified outcomes whilst increasing productivity and reducing complexity.

RPA Consulting

RPA will fundamentally change how administrative tasks are undertaken in every industry - mark our words! Our certified RPA analysts assess the suitability of automating the various processes undertaken in your business. We identify the complexity of automating each process, triage the processes identified based on their complexity and devise a development and deployment strategy to target the “low hanging fruit” first before moving to more complex processes over time.

Any process that is valuable to your business, rules-based and repetitive will be automated by someone in your industry at some point. If it’s you, then you get the resultant competitive advantage, if not, you know the story...Taxi’s anyone!

Reach us for more information and our team will be happy to assist you.