You need an email address to run your business, and yet you can’t afford downtime doing emails.

Who can we help?

All businesses, from one email to 1000 email addresses.

The Problem

You have either an unprofessional email address like @hotmail or @gmail currently and you need to present better to your customers, or you are using traditionally hosted emails from your hosting provider.

What’s wrong with that I hear you say?

How long do you have? The problem with traditional setups is it limits you to automate aspects of your email, and it makes working with remote staff problematic. They crash, attract massive amounts of spam and if your website goes down your emails crash along with them.

What’s running a business like after you've received our help?

It just works. We spend hours tweaking settings that will make your inbox your personal assistant. If you follow our methodology, you will achieve what we call ‘inbox nirvana’. The impacts on your sanity and lifestyle are profound, and our clients are always telling us they can’t imagine ever going back.

What’s it going to cost?

$220 per email address user per year. Set up costs will be $500 for the setup of the Google Apps Account and $100 per user.

This includes our bespoke productivity systems and access to training content.

Migration of existing emails and contacts upon application.

We offer more

We do more than any other provider in Australia and possibly the world regarding customisation. Unlike other vendors, we are always looking for new ways to help our clients run a better business with Google Apps for work.

Supported Tools


Benefits of G-Suite

  • It's possible to love an inbox
  • Access your emails on any computer
  • Automate your inbox to save time
  • Better delivery
  • Smarter spam filters
  • Awesome smart phone apps
  • Access your team's inboxes effortlessly
  • Fast and intelligent search
  • Delegate your inbox to anyone
  • 2-factor authentication for security
  • Integrated cloud file storage
  • Mobile applications
We run a busy horse stud about 30 minutes west of Toowoomba. Our inbox is the centre of our business and I used to dread opening outlook every time. During our website design with Yoonet, they suggested we look at Google Apps for Work. The way that the team have got it set up for me means that I'm getting my work done in a fraction of the time and there is no spam. Better yet I can work from anywhere and my IT costs have been completely removed. I love Google Apps and encourage you to make the move with Yoonet's help.

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