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We are Australasia’s leading Google My Business experts with over 30 years of combined experience. We know how to get you set up in no time and take the confusion out of being found online. Our services help any business with setting up, cleaning up and/or deleting Google My Business accounts. What others find hard, we dominate.

Leave it to an expert

It seems easy but it’s easy to get wrong. If you do it you can have devastating effects on your business. You have one set up but if it's wrong or there are duplicates, you can’t access it, or you have any one of the over 50 recurring issues, you have issues! Yoonet solves Google My Business problems on a daily basis, all over the globe.

Stop wasting time and losing money

Leave it to us. Seriously, stop wasting time on this frustrating and time-consuming issue. We have the team, system, background research and gumption to look your issue in the eye and tell it who's boss.

Start strong in business

We have a passion for helping new businesses start strong. Start clean, don’t take any chances and leave it to the experts. It’s inexpensive and the costs to your business if you get it wrong will far outweigh our cost. We also offer consultation for new businesses.

How much does it cost?

Our service is $330 inc gst and covers three hours of support from our team to resolve the issue. If we can't resolve it within that time we will over you a refund or work with you until it's resolved.
Ben is a trusted Level 4 'Google Local Guide' and works in partnership with Google to improve Google Maps.

Here are a few of our most frequent Google My Business requests

  • Set up for new businesses
  • Removal of old businesses
  • Change of location
  • Fix verification issues
  • Change of ownership
  • Correct category selection
  • Removing duplicate accounts
  • Repositioning of business location
  • Review management help
We had nothing but trouble getting our Google My Business listing sorted. After three local 'web' companies having a go and charging a fortune we heard of Ben and got him in to help. Within two weeks it was sorted and it's been perfect ever since. When you talk to Ben about Google My Business it's so obvious that he has more experience than the rest of them put together. We then went on to having a local search service and website created and ever since have completely owned this town for all Pizza related searches.
Google My Business

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