Local Search Service

Being found online and presenting professionally and accurately is paramount for business. Get it wrong and your clients will turn up at the wrong address, get frustrated by not being able to find your opening hours or worse, not be able to find you at all.

When you work with Yoonet for your Local Search needs you are dealing with an international leader. We have studied the Australian local search space for over a decade and modify our systems for our work monthly. We love this workspace and are proud of the results we achieve.

What to expect

We will send you a form that will cover all the questions we can complete across the 60+ sites Yoonet will list you on. Once we have that back we will book a date to handle phone and email verifications and condense the work for you into a single 1-hour block saving you countless hours.

We add, update and remove duplicate listings across these sites and more

four square
local search
the chronicle
national directory
true local
yellow pages
australian guide.net
hot frog

Important things to note

Understanding that the work we do can take weeks and months to show in Google is important. Search engines crawl the web and index information and it can take anywhere from six weeks to six months to see results from our work. We don't make any promises around ranking results from our work but we are the most detailed, efficient and effective local search service in Australia. High rankings require a strong website, perfectly set up with Google and activity online. If you understand what a clean local search footprint is and you want to work with the best, this one-off service is for you. If you want overall support for your business you might want to check out our website and support options.

Be aware we list your business on websites that may try to sell their services to you. You will receive calls and emails from these sites so be prepared for a few polite thanks but no thanks conversations. Also, we have a set of filters for Gmail that we use for our Google Apps For Work clients that will help with emails that come from our service. If you're thinking of moving to Google Apps for Work we recommend you do it before we perform this service as it will save you a lot of time.

How much does it cost?

Our local search service is a $900+gst investment in the professional appearance of your business online. If you require cleaning up of old addresses or want to invest further you can purchase 4-hour blocks of time @ $200 each during checkout. This is strongly recommended if you have a previous location or have changed business names, phone numbers or websites during your time in business.

Ready to look awesome online?

Have good internet? Then go ahead and use the form below. At the end of the form, you can pay securely online.

Your Internet not so flash? Download this file that will work on any text editor and complete the details. We do this so if your internet drops out or you need lots of time to prepare it you won't have to start over again. Simply complete and email that and your business photos to us and we will check it and send you an invoice.
I'd not even heard of SEO let alone Local search optimization when I first met Ben six years ago. He provided services and suggestions that have seen us go on to ranking first in local search results for our business since 2010. Overall most of our new business comes from our position in Google. The amount of fine tuning and continued work from the team at Yoonet has been incredible but it's cost effective and they are never difficult to work with. You ask for help and it's done. I can't recommend Yoonet's Local Search services enough.

Australia's Leading Local Search Service

Please complete the business details file ready to copy over the information and allow at least 30 minutes to complete the form. Also please have your business photos ready to upload.