Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is the most effective way to drive traffic to your website; its cost-effective, targeted and most importantly, measurable.

As Google partners, we are specialist in all things Google but most importantly the Google Ads platform and its intricacies. We develop both the visual content for your advertisements and the geographic and demographic deployment strategy. We constantly monitor the performance of individual campaigns and adjust as appropriate to better target the identified markets or demographics.

Paid per click advertising is unsurpassed in its ability to provide clear ROI analytics. The reach and scope of the advertising is a function of the clients budget and our services are scalable to your needs.

A Note on Social Media Management Services

There are essentially two elements to social media: social channel monitoring and management, and social media advertising. Like website content creation, social content, its creation and moderation, are best delivered by a specialist in the field.

Our expertise is focused on social advertising, in particular, Google Ads. We specialise in the development of social media advertising campaigns that effectively target and re-market to an established target demographic. In conjunction with our clients, we assist in establishing appropriate messaging for the target demographic and deploy campaigns that are responsive to market penetration and client budget considerations.

But to be clear, we manage the technical deployment of social campaigns, we do not write the content or manage your customers’ responses or reviews on the various social media platforms.

Campaign Management

We establish and manage your accounts your Google Ads account. We develop a campaign schedule that is reflective of and designed to maximise your budget. We continually monitor the performance of active campaigns and tailor spend to optimise reach and effectiveness. If certain ads are performing better than others we modulate the spend to amplify “good” ad reach and decrease “poor” ad reach.

Ben Carter, the owner of Yoonet PTY Ltd