Yoonet Support

Your future success is our future success. Our clients' results have built our reputation and it's off the back of the recurring support work we do that has defined us in the market.

The three issues with the website industry

The first being that the 'build and move on' approach made it easy for developers to create a product that is pretty on the outside and empty on the inside. Without a proper set up a website won’t rank and give a business a return on investment, making the entire process a waste of time.

Secondly, there is so much that attributes to a successful online business that requires ongoing tweaking, maintenance and pure grunt work. Without this being done you will get hacked, you will sit on page five of Google and your website will eventually become a thorn in your side.

Thirdly getting help from website agencies is a nightmare. They don’t have the processes and people in place to help you efficiently and cost-effectively. They are too busy keeping their current website builds on time and customers happy to help you with your pesky questions. Between those things you are left outdated, vulnerable online and disgruntled.

We work to be different and have solved this problem

We approach the support of our clients as a core part of our business. We feel it is so important that at a minimum all website clients will need to sign up for our basic support package. This keeps their website hosted in a premium environment and our team monitors security.

Our most popular packages include access to our team of internet marketing experts and graphic designers. We are an extension to your team and work to give you a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

Our Most Popular Requests

Every day over 130 hours of help is given to our support clients.
Our average response time for a request is 12 minutes and turnaround time is on average 4 hours.
We help you to...

  • Keep your website and business in sync
  • Create marketing material and publish it to the web and organise printing
  • Keep your online business secure and backed up
  • Keep your business details accurate online
  • Help you rank highly in Google
  • Work smarter with Podio edits and new builds
Since my first meeting with Ben, I could see that he had ideas for my business from a five minute chat that I'd never thought of or thought possible. Fast forward two years and my business has completely transformed. The way I run my business and market the gym has been turned on its head and the results are nothing short of amazing. I have no doubt in my mind that Yoonet is responsible for where I am today. The team behind Ben is like nothing you've ever experienced, I've never been more impressed by a business in all my life. Do your business a favour and start working with Yoonet today.

Yoonet Support is the secret to success for businesses across Australia

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